3 Jan , 2016  

Courses Created/Co-Designed

Gender and Race in the Global Gaming Industry (Syllabus)

  • Co-designed and currently teaching a third-year course on games & culture in relation to gender, race, sexuality, & disability

Game Studies (Syllabus)

  • Co-designed and guest lectured for this innovative game studies course for second-year students that blends together games scholarship with instruction in game design.

Digital Lives (Syllabus)

  • Designed and taught a unique first-year undergraduate course on new media and digital culture that incorporated a range of digital artifacts, from games to interactive films.

Teaching Assistantships

Introduction to Academic Writing (TA)

  • Conducted a 2-hour weekly workshop instructing students in genres of academic writing.

Art History and Visual Cultures (TA)

  • Taught a 2-hour weekly workshop on the history of art and visual cultures.

Evidence of Teaching Effectivness

I was fortunate to have a faculty member observe one of my workshops for ENGL 109: Introduction to Academic Writing. A written summary of the class concludes with the following remarks: “You are a very talented teacher, I am very lucky to have the chance to work with you in teaching 109, and I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to observe you in your habitat.” You can find the full write-up here.

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